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Deborah Love


Deborah Love is EVP, COO, and International Liaison of the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM), and also serves on its board. In addition, she is General Manager of the Academy for Health and Productivity Management (AHPM) – the teaching arm of the Institute – Editor of IHPM publications & media: Health & Productivity Management magazine, International Journal of Health & Productivity (IJHP) and Managing Director of IHPM’s global WorkPlace Wellness Alliance.

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Deborah Love is executive Vice President of Enterprise Health Solutions, an occupational medicine talent acquisition firm. Deborah came to IHPM in 2001 with 20 years combined experience in operations management of a trucking company, an international textile and printing company, an electronic architectural design firm, and a major Blue Cross insurer. Deborah also brings experience as an entrepreneur from her 10-year art business.

Deborah has worked for more than 40 years in both the public and private sectors, combining her job responsibilities with those as a lifelong caregiver for her son who was born with a degenerative heart disease – and through this experience has brought recognition and focus on the needs of working caregivers to IHPM.

Deborah’s academic training was in psychology and English.  She also worked at Lynchburg University in admissions, financial assistance, and graduate studies ACCESS Program and in admissions at Elon University.


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