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Before the Interview


Enterprise Health Solutions is committed to reducing the financial, physical and mental impact of ineffective leadership in the workplace by partnering with companies to secure leaders and professionals who are committed to success principles, internal culture, and inspiring wellness within their role and team.

How the Process Works 

Taking Advantage of Vacancies

Our talent solutions consultants meet with your team to determine how you can take advantage of current or upcoming vacancies, and incorporate leaders and professionals who not only meet the needs of the role, but possess traits that stimulate leadership, productivity and wellness in the workplace.  

Assessing Fit 

Once ideal behaviors and qualities have been identified, our team works to secure leaders and professionals that meet and exceed your organizational needs. Our talent solutions consultants assess the following before presenting potential team members for your review:


  • Position Qualifications

  • Cultural Fit

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • History of Practicing Leadership and Wellness in the Workplace

Our talent solutions consultants will schedule and facilitate introductions between your team and our qualified leaders and/or professionals. From the first conversation to the selection consultation, Enterprise Health Solutions will be there to manage the details and ensure a healthy talent fit transpires.

Connecting You with our Network

Signing a Contract

Pricing and Contracts 

We provide every client with a custom pricing consultation and work to develop a partnership that is beneficial to all invested parties. Our primary focus is partnering the best professionals and leaders with the best organizations.  

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