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Richard L. Nevins, MD

We honor this remarkable leader, mentor and good colleague and friend to so many…..Rick Nevins was the Chief Clinical Officer and VP, Research & Development, for IHPM – and a health care strategist and consultant to both the care delivery and business sides of the medical profession.  His interests and knowledge of medicine ran wide and deep – from designing and developing evidence-based clinical care delivery systems for acute and chronic care management; to using predictive modeling and analysis of care patterns to improve clinical, financial and functional healthcare outcomes; as well as to designing and developing telemedicine and Internet Healthcare Systems.


In Memory and Honor of Dr. Rick Nevins:  Friday, December 11, 2015 5:43 PM — It was 1:30 a.m. when I enjoyed a wonderful video about the life of our co-founder, Dr. Rick Nevins. I smiled, I cried. I rejoiced and I prayed. Goodness, where do we begin….knowing Rick only a few years pales in comparison to those who have known him for so long…….my only salvation to that note is that in those “few years” it was like knowing him for a lifetime. “Dr. Rick” was IHPM’s Chief Medical Officer. The work he did with us was nothing short of perfection. BUT…More important in my personal life was the great advisor, friend, and physician he was – especially as we talked about my son Brian (who now gets to meet Rick) and the medical challenges he faced and my Mom (who also will greet Dr. Rick with a “Thank You” for the direction he was able to provide in her care). I know Rick prayed for Brian’s life and my Mom – and for me. Sometimes all Sean, Rick and I needed was to sit quietly together in our office – and to pray – those were powerful times. He lives on in each of us! Deborah Love, EVP, COO & International Liaison, IHPM (Scottsdale, AZ)


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